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ewjv kick off meeting

Kick-off meeting of 3 partners

24 February

And the kick-off was this morning! The first official meeting of the “European Judo of Week Values”, an Erasmus+ program that EJND won, together with two other clubs, RSS from Croatia and GIB from Slovenia.  

It will run throughout 2023, simultaneously in the 3 countries, and will bring great news to our community, from the creation of tools for training coaches, to events to promote and disseminate judo, the sporting activity (and Olympic modality) recommended by UNESCO as one of the most suitable sports for children and young people, as it provides integrated physical, psychological and social development (concentration, discipline and sense of ethics).  

Through the 8 values of the Moral Code that governs all Samurai (“one who serves”) and all Onna-bugeisha (the female term): Courtesy, Courage, Friendship, Sincerity, Respect, Self-control, Honor and Modesty.  

And fulfilling the principle of judo, Jita Kyoei: “Mutual benefit and prosperity for all”!

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