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the "academic phase" of the Erasmus+ project "European Week of Judo Values"

Academic phase of the Erasmus+ project European Week of Judo Values

We have entered the “academic phase” of the Erasmus+ project “European Week of Judo Values” (EWJV), with the first meeting of its Technical-Scientific Committee, carried out digitally. Led by the GIB Club from Slovenia, and with the participation of the RSS Club from Croatia, in addition to the Education Department of the European Judo Union, and the EJND itself, as the EWJV Coordinator and, in this case, represented by me and our Professor Sofia Cachada. This Commission is responsible for the literary research of internationally published studies on the subject, in order to identify the best didactic programs and initiatives related to judo values – in terms of ethics and health – which will then be disseminated to all interested parties through an e-learning course. As Jita Kyoei advocates: Prosperity and Mutual Benefits!

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