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Showcasing the initiative in exclusive interview with Laura Santos, Sports TV program, Portugal.

We’re thrilled to share the latest on the European Week of Judo Values project! Nuno Delgado, head coach of Escola de Judo Nuno Delgado, showcased the initiative in an exclusive interview with Laura Santos on a Sports TV program in Portugal.

In the interview, Nuno Delgado highlighted a recent mega event with the Loures City Council, where nearly 500 school children participated. Olympic colleagues like Filipa Cavalleri and Sergiu Oleinic joined, creating a synchronized mega session across three European cities in Slovenia and Croatia, promoting the core values of Judo in action.

Mr. Nuno Delgado mentioned how UNESCO’s Deputy Director-General also expressed support for Judo, emphasizing its positive impact. Nuno’s challenge to everyone: If you haven’t tried Judo yet, seek out our school or nearby clubs!

Watch the insightful interview with Laura Santos about the world of Judo and its powerful values. Stay tuned, as Nuno Delgado even presented a special Judo values t-shirt to the Sport Tv team, highlighting the importance of promoting not just sports but the values that come with it.

Let’s spread the spirit of Judo together!

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