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Third and last TPM meeting in Lisbon, 16.11.2023

The European Week of Judo Values/Play for Peace connected Portugal, Slovenia, and Croatia through the values of Judo and also embraced other European countries through a partnership with the European Judo Union.

A union among all, reflecting the building of a future of mutual assistance, inspiring especially the younger generation, with Judo as the driving force for a society of Respect, for Sports, and for Education.

With the presence of Natalija Regina and Spela Voje (GIB, Slovenia), Magda Beric (RSS, Croatia), Nuno Delgado, Ana Matias, and Susana Martins (EJND), and with online participation from Iris Spanjol (RSS), Katja Rudas (EJU), and Eva Alvarez (Creative Data), we held the 3rd Transnational Project Meeting on November 16th and 17th, this time on national soil, at the EJND headquarters. 🇵🇹

On the first day of the meeting, we had the visit of Dorotea Pesic-Bukovac, the President of RSS, who made a point to greet us personally, accompanied by the legal representative of this Sports Association from Rijeka.

The impact of the organized events and the future steps for building the legacy of this project were discussed. Two productive days with a fantastic team! Always working, but, of course, with time for a visit to the Nuno Delgado Dojo at the Estrela Academy and a friendly lunch at ISEG, our neighbors and partners. On behalf of EJND, thank you to all the partners!

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